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Aphra O'Connor


I use sculpture and print works to investigate the forms and functions in local industry. I re-use and deconstruct objects found on industrial sites, and create abstracted forms with them.

This is a way of appreciating and recording the industries we have left, as well as documenting the decline of those we are losing. I see the discarded objects found around industrial sites as ready-made sculpture. These pieces are used as supports for sculpture works, as tools to indent clay, or as material to be modified.

I want the objects to be seen out of the context of the site as a way of re-valuing them and altering their use.

This Parkol Marine series of work documents the progress of the new vessel being built at the site, and follows it through the stages of completion. The sculptures use the remnants from the building process and recycle them into works.



Ceramic and Glazes

H 40 cm W 12cm D10cm 



Ceramic and Glazes

H 30cm W 15cm D10cm


'Upper Deck'

Ceramic and Glazes

H 95cm W 30 cm D 30cm


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