The Square Gallery London

Art gallery promoting young and emerging contemporary artists. London based gallery run by Morgane Wagner, Britain's newest and youngest gallery owner. Aiming to connect London's community and the art world.

Animals as Data


Billy Bagilhole

-Then You Are Now A  Woman (Spotted Hyena), 2016, foil and wire,  120 x 110 x 30 cm (2).JPG

     Omer Even-Paz

Patchwork 70 x 60cm oil paint and wax paste on hardboard.jpg

Introducing                  Connie Harrison


Introducing Kemi Onabule



The Arrival

Collaborative Exhibition with Thomas's School, Battersea 

herOiNE: The Future is Pink

s/s 2017 Artist Collection

The Sacred screen


Excavating the Sky


Lost in the Woods

Crafts of Lies

'Nothing to see here'

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