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Billy Bagilhole

I grew up in a household full of my father’s paintings and prints in rural North Wales, from a young age drawing indians, animals, religious figures imitating those images crated by by him from upon the walls. They continue to be a fascination to me as my father passed away when I was 6 in the year of 2001. His experience is embellished as a time capsule of creativity for works ongoing.

I predominantly works through the mediums of painting and filmmaking. Often covering canvases with salt and thick paint, I enjoy the technicality within painting, within colour and within the eye of the lens. I frequently work through internal gestures and hints of nostalgic representations on abstracted life. Often colliding colour with imagery of sinisterness. I feel that painting becomes an expressionistic form of understanding and that by leaving the work as an open question, an unknown metaphor, meaning within painting or filmmaking, within art becomes infinite.

The attraction to painting for me is the ability to create the unknown, the unimaginable and the uncanny, creating a sense of bewilderment. I believe that we are inherently curious and that the pursuit of art offers an expression for this curious nature. Making art becomes a medium for wonder, something unsolvable a sensory koan that engages both artist and viewer.

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Edwin's moon a6 cardz.jpg