Corie Denby McGowan

An internationally exhibited fine artist who has developed a distinctive

aesthetic through extensive practice-led research and immersive video installation. Mesmerising

visuals are presented in a highly exaggerated and grotesque paradigm. Works can be described as

"a visual feast of sumptuous, seductive and psychedelic imagery" of which respond to identity

mechanisms within the URL/IRL archetype. Reconstructing a parody of the consumerist society

that we abode to. Exploring the consumption moving image and how it dominates over society as

a medium of which has become cross-embedded into the everyday through it’s presence as a

mass power structure in media consumption. Academic research areas span from the online

parallel universe and this idea of existing within a culture in which fetishises with the act of

appearing on the screen and affecting it as a sacred object. While also exploring ideas of having a

new kind of socially constructed gaze in which exists through the internet and linking this in with

how the representation of Woman on screen can be powerfully redefined. Adorning to the notion

of the digital version being more desirable that the actual version. The rendered human being that

of which is highly sought after and thus a digital representation of oneself is fetishised.



Did You Bake The Cake Yourself? (2015)

10 mins 30 secs