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Dasha Loyko 


Dasha Loyko’s current concern lies in the relationship between the subject and the object (such as the self and the other) with a particular focus on the abject, as defined by Kristeva in ‘The Powers of Horror’. The concept is characterised by the feeling of horror or disgust at the threat of a loss of meaning when the boundary between the subject and the object disappears. 

Supplemented by the analysis by Mary Douglas, she is fascinated by the role of order and hierarchy in our perception of the everyday and, likewise, the hierarchy within art production, valuation and consumption.

By rearranging familiar patterns, be it physical rearrangement or tricking the audience’s preconceived expectations, Loyko creates a new experience. Her current work is a practice-based research of the matter where theory underpins practice.

Born in Minsk, Belarus, Dasha Loyko has lived in England for the past seven years. She is now at the emerging stage of her career and is currently a student of Philosophy at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE). Loyko works across various media (painting, collage, installation, performance, photography, film), with a recent focus on collage and installation.



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‘Untitled I’

Dasha Loyko

69cm x 70cm

Mixed Media

‘Untitled II’

Dasha Loyko

78cm x 90cm          

Mixed Media

‘Untitled III’

Dasha Loyko

70cm x 90cm

Mixed Media

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