Douglas cantor


Cantor’s practice is reactive and reflective of his geographical, physical and emotional contexts. His paintings are a collection of existential thoughts, born from personal experiences, they address both the mundane and the hefty issues of our everyday, as a personal journal and guide to navigate the anxiety of being, as an individual as well as in regards to others.

At the core of Cantor’s practice, there is not a concern with stylistic or aesthetic choices but instead a preoccupation with expressing awareness, and honesty, things feelinging right, and decisions that move the conversation forward. His paintings are an exploration of the self, a pictorial tribute to the trace left by decisions made and an ode to the desire of creating something beautiful.

Cantor’s practice encompasses all aspects of life and existence, he is constantly emphasising this broadness of thought, through the recurrent embracing of the relationship between high and low culture. Topics are explored and portrayed in his paintings through symbolic compositions comprised of motif and text, the imagery is sometimes cryptic and personal, sometimes direct and appropriable, with the elements present working as vessels for his thoughts and emotions, and ultimately becoming a reflection of the unfolding of his identity.


Fair Good

Better with Friends

Make Work

We Need to Change

Copy This

Take It and Move On

Getting Old and Keeping Count

Makes You Or Breaks You

Strong Horse Good Horse

Validation Burn it Blue