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Animals as Data

A duo exhibition involving Sculpture, painting and film 

PV 4.11.2017 18:00

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The Square Gallery would like to invite you to attend the exhibition 'Animals and Data', commencing on Saturday the 4th of November at 18:00. 

This show has been in the working in for half a year now and we are excited to host this exhibition to share the outcome with you.

Bagilhole and Even Paz are met during their studies in Chelsea College of Art. From the Paintings and Sculptures of the two a strong artistic connection became present, both thematically and visually. Although coming from different cultures; Bagilhole growing up on a farm in North Wales, whilst Omer grew up Tel Aviv, the works seem to touch upon the same universal tendons. The enigmatic and morbid boys and animals of Bagilhole and the fragile and Brutal animals of Even Paz will now meet for the first time in one space.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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