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Wrapping The Clouds Group Exhibition

The Square Gallery is pleased to present, Wrapping The Clouds, a group exhibition consisting of works by Donghwan Ko and Jongwon Yoog. Private viewing on Thurday 16th of March 6-9pm. Exhibition will be open 16th-19th of March 2017.


Donghwan Ko

My research is based around the exploration of physical and psychological spaces. In this regard, I am examining the process of communication between spaces and the way in which these relationships are considered. Representing or visualising the physical and psychological that occupies space is difficult. It could be argued that intangible objects are closely related to our psychological and physical memories. A key element in the definition of space is not so much the object, which is located in space, but our memories and experiences. I am also interested in the space between the public and the private, as well as the inside and the outside. How do I locate myself between opposing thresholds. How do I transition from one physical/psychological space to another? What is private and public? What is inside and outside? What should be revealed and what should be concealed? I want to know how we distinguish between these two facets of existence and how the physical and psychological experience of that distinction gives people newness.


Jongwon Yoon

My works are based on what happens as a result of collisions between contradictory concepts, unbecoming objects, swapping positions. I seek to bring sarcasm, satire and paradox into my object sculpture. I create sculpture by encounters in the street and sometimes in the gallery too.

Every work starts with an observation of common grounds and differences between two ideas, spaces and objects. After that, I analyze their characteristics and then combine, reverse or compare them, and focus on their phenomenon. So the hybrid media will communicate with spectators in a form that is familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. 





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