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herOiNE: The Future is Pink

🔮 herOiNE: The Future is Pink 🔮

The Square Gallery London's First Birthday Celebrations

12th - 28th May 2017

Private View: 12th May, 6-9pm

The Square Gallery London celebrates its first birthday with the new show, heroine; a group exhibition featuring several emerging women artists, including Daisy Parris, Hannah Louise Ward, Lucy Hardcastle, Lydia Boehm, Romily Alice, Bethany Hadfield, Katayoun Jalili, Joslyn Willauer, Corie Denby McGowan and Myriah Acosta. 

Through heroine these artists avow the concept of femininity while manipulating the stereotypes which continue to adhere themselves to women in contemporary culture. Curated by the all-women team behind the Square Gallery London, a unifying visual theme of the often gendered colour pink runs through the exhibition. By incorporating a range of media including neon lighting and interactive textile art, the work on display seeks to represent the physical, the mental, and the conceptual forms of the feminine. heroine invites the viewer to consider the dichotomy between feminine reality and the distorted cultural standards which face women ubiquitously. In particular, given the use of technology in the age of the internet, an especially pervasive brand of skewed and shallow female representation exists, and it is reflected in this exhibition by an aesthetic commentary which reframes common stereotypes into a celebratory narrative. 

With the opening of heroine the Square Gallery London will have existed for one year, showcasing and offering a platform in South West London for new and emerging artists. To honour this anniversary, the new exhibition, and the ongoing commitment to supporting artists, the private view will itself take on a tone of celebration, with visuals, music, and a segment of the gallery space especially transformed for the event. 

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