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Archiving Fever: Here I am. There you are.

Press Release

Archiving Fever: Here I am, There you are.

One day of live performances                                      

30 Sep 2017, 11-6pm


Whiskey Chow, Helen Davison, Rosie Gibbens, Caterina Gobbi, Ro Hardaker, Ada Hao, Koy Lee, Boram Moon, Ashley-Louise McNaughton, Matt Page, Sam Ross, Isobel Smith, Elghandiva Tholkhah, Masayuki Watanabe

The meaning of “archive”, its only meaning, comes to it from the Greek arkheion: initially a house, a domicile, an address, the residence of the superior magistrates, the archons, those who commanded. (Derrida 1996)

‘Here I am, There you are’ is the second event of the open project, ‘Archiving Fever’, investigating archive through performance, in parallel to its property as a vital platform for the awareness of new approaches to the making and experience of performance art by creating a critical context and space for discourses.

‘Archiving Fever: Here I am, There you are’ wants to scrutinize the dual character of the vitrine space, as both a working studio and an exhibition space interchangeably. Whilst enclosed behind glass, the works extend beyond its boundaries into the surrounding public space, alongside the sidewalk of the Battersea’s local community and incidental encounters.

Graduated practitioners and artists from the Royal College Art MA Contemporary Art Practice: Performance Pathway will occupy the space with the one-day of live works: Cooperatively intervening, Collaboratively working, and Conditionally bearing the witness.

The audiences are invited to help the artists to develop this unique line of inquiry by freely gazing, browsing and monitoring the “live-performance-display”, in expense of their physical presences. Meanwhile, the generative nature of virtually see-through-window enables the audience to access the potentiality of intimacy with the unconventional viewer-experience.

After an ambitious commandment of innovation there, you are invited to witness the commencement of incubation, here.

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