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Captured in Colour


London-based artist and photographer duo Annabelle Painter and Alex Jackson present their new collaborative exhibition: Captured in Colour - an art and photography exhibition celebrating the vibrancy of life


17th-18th March 2018, Square Gallery Battersea 11am-5pm


London, 27th February 2018:

"Finding light, gesture, and colour is a little bit like trying to hold water in the palm of your hand. If you squeeze, it's gone. If you're patient, it will stay." Jay Maisel

The ‘Captured in Colour’ exhibition consists of an expressive collection of photography and acrylics. Alex Jackson’s anthropological photography juxtaposes Annabelle Painter’s zoological paintings, yet the common thread of colour knits together this impressive and diverse catalogue.  Collectively, the exhibition is an exploration of colour and a celebration of the vibrancy of life.

Split seconds across Asia, Africa, Europe and London have formed the basis of Alex Jackson’s street photography collection. Alex has developed his vision as a photographer over the last 10 years, working with a rich and graphic style to isolate quiet narratives in everyday scenes. Inspired by contemporary street and portrait photographers like Jay Maisel and Steve McCurry, Alex brings together a select body of environmental portraits for this exhibition, extracting vibrant colour and the patience to capture it, from the world’s streets.

Annabelle Painter utilises a bright acrylic palette to create vibrant paintings depicting the natural world. ‘I use bold colours in my work to give it life and energy. In doing so, I try to portray wildlife in a novel and challenging way’ she says of her artistic style. Her collection for the exhibition consists of 18 paintings with a focus on wild animals.

For more information, please contact Alex Jackson directly:

+44 7746 825 132 / |