Katayoun Jalilli

Katy Jalili (Katayoun Jalilipour) is an Iranian born multidisciplinary artist, performer and writer. Currently studying Performance Design and Practice at Central Saint Martins. They are focusing their research on women’s and QTIPOC folks’ place in the contemporary performing arts, and how the femme identity and the female body occupies spaces. 

Some have described Katy’s performances as provocative, terrifying, and wickedly entertaining. They channel the spirit of punk to express their frustrations with society.

Having just completed Duckie DHSS (under the supervision of Ursula Martinez) and the  Carnesky Finishing School short course (under the supervision of Marisa Carnesky), they have been performing at various London cabaret nights such as Bar Wotever: Non-Binary Cabaret, Carnesky Finishing school, Prime of Ms David Hoyle, The Cocoa Butter Club: Hospital Club as well as latitude festival 2016.

Their ambitions include leading an independent Arts Collective which allows a more diverse and accessible environment for developing artists.

Dear Woody (2016)


Polaroids for sale