Kemi Onabule

Kemi Onabule graduated from Wimbledon College of Arts in 2016 with a BA in Painting. She has been selected for several awards including the Clyde & Co 2016 award and the HIX Award 2017. The paintings of Kemi Onabule deal mainly with the home and domesticity and its effect on the individual. The objects and occasionally people that populate her paintings may all be described as players on a stage or set that is constructed out of the various elements of domestic life. The imagery itself comes from photographs, direct observation and memories that are combined to create versions of heightened yet familiar domestic scenes. Through her work she hopes that people reexamine the environments that they call home and take a closer look what might be expressed by the individual through their domestic setting.

‘Front Room’ - 2017

64 x 50cm

Oil on Board  


'Contemplation in Yellow'

16 x 22cm

Acrylic on Paper


 ‘Bad Nights Sleep’ - 2017                              

40x 22cm

Oil, acrylic on Board  

Not For Sale

‘Chair View’  - 2015

7x 10cm

Oil on Board  

Price: £132

 ‘Yet to Be Seen’ - 2017

25x 35cm

Acrylic on Paper  


'Man Spread’ - 2017

14x 22cm

Oil on Canvas


‘No.20’  - 2016   20 x 20cm  Oil on Board    £240

‘No.20’ - 2016

 20 x 20cm

Oil on Board  


‘She’s Coming Home’ - 2017

45x 45cm

Oil on Cardboard  

£ 288

 ‘Distraction’  - 2017

40x 25cm

Acrylic on Paper  



‘Cup Of Tea’ - 2017

14x 9cm

Acrylic on Board  


‘Weekend In The Country’ - 2017

23x 19cm

Pen and Ink on Paper



‘Clean Shaven’ - 2017

29x 29cm

Oil on Board  


‘Chair View 1’ - 2016

20x 20m

Oil on Board