Artist Statement


The fireplace in my paintings acts as an antiquated vessel or threshold, the locus from which smoke and fire depart, and with them an obfuscation of half-memories, dreams and echoes of subconscious imagery.

Similar to staring into a fire and conjuring hallucinations from one’s own imagination, narrative and structure in the paintings are developed within a physical and incidental process. A swell of confusion and loose entities brought together into some sort of sense.

In one instance a grouping of muddied, indeterminable snail-like creatures exist as a fleshy mass of painted gestures and in the next, cosmic light bursts through a pub window illuminating a banal potted plant. In another painting thick, black smoke bellows from an open hearth and in the next it surrounds the viewer as they are situated within the fire.

Like cupping smoke in one's hands and then looking inside to see it dissipate into the atmosphere, the images consist of momentary revelations within passages of painterly gesture - internal logic always teetering between figurative description and abstraction.