Minna George


Minna George is an artist who has been living and creating in London for 15 years. Her preferred media and what she is renowned for are her paintings on canvas. Graduating from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2003 she continued her studies with an MA from Kingston University in European Fine Art Practice and Film.

Minna has enjoyed sell out shows in the UK and Worldwide and her collectors include Stanley Seeger, Will Smith, Penelope Keith and many more.  Her work has also appeared at the National Portrait Gallery - London and the National Gallery in Kuwait where Minna is one of the few western artists to be granted the chance for a solo show.  One of her paintings can be found in the permanent exhibition to this day.

‘The act of mark making, editing and compiling various techniques on the same surface always led me to new territories, moving through various stages with new challenges in a search of answers whilst also raising questions.

I choose to make my own paints from pigments and work on canvas or paper using mixed media with interests in experimentation, mainly by multi layering a thin almost transparent colour. The rhythm and visual depth achieved where the layers are more is the composition itself; ultimately the idea is to achieve maximum depth by adding and removing layers’

Minna George surrounded by her paintings

Minna George surrounded by her paintings