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These artworks ask you to choose between IRL and URL

Through parody and introspection, seven artists dissect the parallel universe that the internet provides. Ashleigh Kane writes up on our upcoming show The Sacred Screen.  Click here to read the whole article on Dazed.

The Makings of Britain’s Youngest Gallery Owner: Morgane Wagner

A catch up story written by Eddie Saint-Jean. For the whole article and exclusive interview click here. 

A few weeks back on May 12 Morgane Wagner launched her new art venture The Square Gallery in Battersea Square, bearing the title London’s Youngest Gallery Owner. As we enter the first week of June, the 22 year old shares her experiences and reveals whether it has been a baptism of fire in the competitive but rewarding art world. She also talks about the inspiration behind this passion and how her hard work leading up to the launch proved crucial.

Britain’s Youngest Gallery Owner’s Launch Party

On our opening night we were joined by Eddie Saint-Jean from For the whole article click here

Britain’s youngest gallery owner Morgane Wagner launched her Square Gallery with much wine and fanfare on May 12th. It must surely have been the Art Party of the Year. It was so packed you couldn’t even see the paintings with people standing outside. Named after Battersea Square where it is located, it showcased the best and brightest of British talent including emerging artists from Goldsmiths and St Martins art schools.