Press Releases


You are invited to join us to the opening of our first birthday exhibition:

‘HerOiNE:The Future is Pink'

The event will take place at The Square Gallery London on:

Friday, 12th May 2017 - 6pm to 9pm

9B Battersea Square

London SW11 3RA

The Square Gallery London celebrates its first birthday with the new show, heroine; a group exhibition featuring several emerging women artists, including Daisy Parris, Hannah Louise Ward, Lucy Hardcastle, Romily Alice, Bethany Hadfield, Joslyn Willauer, Corie Denby McGowan and Myriah Acosta. 

Through heroine these artists avow the concept of femininity while manipulating the stereotypes which continue to adhere themselves to women in contemporary culture. Curated by the all-women team behind the Square Gallery London, a unifying visual theme of the often gendered colour pink runs through the exhibition. By incorporating a range of media including neon lighting and interactive textile art, the work on display seeks to represent the physical, the mental, and the conceptual forms of the feminine. heroine invites the viewer to consider the dichotomy between feminine reality and the distorted cultural standards which face women ubiquitously. In particular, given the use of technology in the age of the internet, an especially pervasive brand of skewed and shallow female representation exists, and it is reflected in this exhibition by an aesthetic commentary which reframes common stereotypes into a celebratory narrative. 

With the opening of heroine the Square Gallery London will have existed for one year, showcasing and offering a platform in South West London for new and emerging artists. To honour this anniversary, the new exhibition, and the ongoing commitment to supporting artists, the private view will itself take on a tone of celebration, with visuals, music, and a segment of the gallery space especially transformed for the event. 


You are invited to join us to the opening of our first exhibition of 2017:

‘The Sacred Screen'

The event will take place at The Square Gallery London on:

Thursday, 12th January 2017 - 6pm to 9pm

9B Battersea Square

London SW11 3RA

The Square Gallery London is delighted to present The Sacred Screen, a group exhibition featuring works by nine emerging artists:  Corie Denby McGowanCol SelfBex IlsleyParker DayBob Bicknell-KnightConnie Harrison, Rebecca Hanney, Joslyn Willauer and Gala Bell. Through an expansive range of media which stretches from the found to the virtual, each artist confronts the fetishisation of the online world. The hollow simulacra and affected imitations of our lives which pervade the internet are exposed through a mixture of parody and introspection. The artists here, who are themselves invested heavily in the social media and online landscape, have created their own simulations of the world which exists on the other side of our screens. In so doing, they ask what it is for a universe of pretence to represent reality, and what it means for this to be a fundamental determiner of value in contemporary culture.

The Sacred Screen, curated by gallery founder Morgane Wagner and artist Corie Denby McGowan, is comprised of work weighted towards, but not exclusive to, the digital. In all cases, works incorporating painting, moving image, installation and print techniques depart entirely from the traditional. In a first for The Square Gallery, virtual reality will play an exciting part in this exhibition and will involve experiencing work through interactive installation. 


End of Exhibition Open Evening!

You are invited to join us to mark the end of our first exhibition:

‘Nothing to See Here’

The event will take place at The Square Gallery London on:

Wednesday, 22nd June 2016 - 6pm to 9pm

9B Battersea Square

London SW11 3RA

This night will once again bring the community together at Battersea Square. Over the past few weeks our gallery has had the pleasure in presenting 11 emerging artists. We have enjoyed hosting these talented artists whose works have added a dash of colour and culture to our local area.

The Square Gallery London will be delighted for you to join us for drinks on this special evening when you will be able to meet the artists and friends of our gallery.

We have once more partnered with the Queenswood Restaurant in Battersea Square. They will offer our guests a 25% discount off their food or drinks bill.

Please bring along your family, friends and neighbours. London’s youngest gallery is looking forward to welcoming you.


Halfway Mark! 

You are invited to mark the midway point of the gallery inaugural exhibition, ’Nothing To See Here’.

The Square Gallery London will be hosting drinks on:

Wednesday, 1st June 2016 - 6pm to 9pm

9B Battersea Square

SW11 3RA

Battersea Square's Queenswood Restaurant has partnered up with The Square Gallery London for the evening and will offer our guests a 25% discount on their food bill or drinks bill...and it's rumoured they will create a special cocktail to mark the occasion! 

This night will bring the community of Battersea and London together through the art works of our 11 artists - therefore, bring along your friends, family, and neighbours. London’s youngest gallery looks forward to seeing you a week from today!


The Launch!

We are pleased to announce the launching of The Square Gallery on May 12th 2016. Please see our press release below:


'Nothing To See Here'

12th May - 26th June 2016

Private View: 12th May, 6pm


Nothing To See Here is the inaugural exhibition from The Square Gallery, a brand new exhibition space in the heart of Battersea, South West London, opening on May 12th. 

This group exhibition will present eleven emerging artists and art-students as a showcase of the gallery's founding project to bring new artists into the increasingly impenetrable art scene, the title of the show referencing the struggle and frustration of the new and up-coming artist in finding a platform for their expression in today's city. This show brings together a range of approaches to painting, from the figurative to the abstract, and will also include street-art. Each of these artists are to be presented together within the six walls of the trim 70sq ft space.   

The Square Gallery is founded by Morgane Wagner, a 22-year-old student who is focused on the two principles that artists need more exhibition opportunity, and that art should be affordable to everyone. Future exhibitions will reflect these ideals by continuing to present work mainly from students and emerging artists, and within a price bracket which will encourage those who are new to, or considering collecting to take the next step forward. The opening of this gallery sees a further progression in Battersea's growing art scene, and the space will continue to bring together the local community through events and classes.