Snail Jin 


Snail Jin was born on 13 September 1993 in Tongxiang (a town in the Province of Zhejiang in China). She grew up in the countryside with her grandmother before she moved to the city for education. The experience during this period of time had a strong impact on her and reflects continuously in her practice afterwards.

Snail Jin first came to the U.K. for Fashion Design in order to carry on family business. However, she soon lost her interest in Fashion after 1-year study in Art during A-level. She felt that comparing to a 'designer', being an 'artist' involves less limitation. She therefore persuaded her parents by telling them that studying sculpture could be useful in understanding structure and fashion was somehow a kind of 'walking sculpture' anyway - that's how she got agreed in pursuing further in Fine Art from them.

Snail Jin became aware of the power of everyday banal after accumulation. She then developed her interest in psychology, anthropology and philosophy. Her forbiddance of making handcrafts at home on the contrary encouraged her to become a crafty person in life. Her memory of seeing grandmother making everything herself finally led her look into different types of artisanship, especially Intangible Cultural Heritage. Jin founded the company as a proposition in exploring the possibility of preserving and developing ICH through artistic approach -involving ICH in contemporary art - not only as a way to preserve those losing techniques, but also to enrich the possibilities in artists' practice.


Crafts of Lies